The Shadow Buddies Foundation, one of Kansas City’s non-profits, provides support and knowledge to children with severe illnesses and disabilities. Our Buddies help children understand their medical or behavioral health condition, and they are comforted by having a “friend just like me.”

Our organization, however, would not be able to accomplish its mission without the kindness and charitable sacrifices of our beloved volunteers. Year after year, we are continually amazed at the passionate dedication of noble philanthropists and hard-working humanitarians who help the Shadow Buddies Foundation achieve its goals of bringing happiness and comfort to children in need. The assistance of our volunteers is both helpful and inspiring. We couldn’t do it without you!


Become a Part of Our Mission with Volunteer Work

Volunteering with Shadow Buddies is a unique opportunity to bring hope to children with severe illnesses and disabilities in the Kansas City area! You can utilize your specific skills to lend a helping hand to a charity organization devoted to improving the lives of children in need. As a part of our mission to celebrate and raise awareness of our differences, Shadow Buddies hand-crafts a line of 31 condition-specific Shadow Buddy dolls. Joining in one of our many volunteering opportunities will bring each of the children that we serve a friend “just like me!” A complete list of our Kansas City area volunteer positions is included near the bottom of this page. You can participate in a number of different ways, and the important skills you bring to the table can truly make a difference to your local communities.

Volunteer Opportunities in Overland Park

Searching for a chance to volunteer with children in the Kansas City area? Shadow Buddies is always looking for caring individuals who are willing to give their extra time to our cause! Wondering if we’ll be a good match? Below are some of the people we think make for great “Buddies”:

Volunteer Types

  • High school students looking to complete community service hours
  • Young people who want to learn more about working with others for good causes
  • People who are interested in helping others while also developing new skills
  • Older adults who may be retired but want to continue helping their community
  • Local organizations that may want to develop a partnership in caring
  • Those who enjoy sewing and craft projectsPeople with a passion for helping others
  • Supporters who are looking to spend their free time serving others

To all of our volunteers in the past, we sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts. To all of our future volunteers, we’d be thrilled to work with you! We could not do all the good we’ve done without volunteers from our Kansas City area community.

The Benefits of Volunteering

The root of volunteering is altruism – a selfless concern for the well-being of others. But you may be surprised to learn that if you volunteer with children, you can see a lot of benefits in your own life and well-being. Choosing volunteer work connects you to others who share a similar passion for helping others, boosting your social life. Volunteering has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and anger while giving a sense of purpose and even helping you to stay physically healthier! Helping others can create a better world for you and for those you care about. Finally, volunteer opportunities can bring a sense of fulfillment to your life. If you’ve ever wanted to volunteer with children, what better time to start than now?

The Shadow Buddies Foundation is always looking for volunteers. Throughout the year, our foundation puts on numerous events, and volunteer opportunities are available. We are always looking for help with upcoming events, drives, and daily operations that help the foundation run smoothly. No matter what your skillset is, we can find a way for you to help out. Your assistance allows us to meet our ultimate goals of bringing hope and knowledge to children with illnesses or disabilities. If you’re interested in volunteering for the Shadow Buddies Foundation, check out our seasonal and year-long volunteer opportunities below or give us a call at 913 642-4646 for more information.

Year-long volunteer opportunities, special events, and projects:  

  • Dressing Buddies for special programs, events and orders
  • Assembling accessory packages
  • Ironing Buddy gowns
  • Sewing small blankets for Rescue Buddy Program
  • Assemble pink tutus for the Pink Party Program
  • Packaging Buddies

September 2020 – 25th Annual Shadow Buddies Event: “Scoring a Victory for Children”

Volunteers needed for the following:

  • Registration and check-in/check-out
  • Pre-event setup
  • Post-event tear down
  • Silent auction area: item runners and monitors

Volunteers needed to serve on the following committees:

  • Auction items and event space decor

October-December 2020 – Holiday Hugs Toy Drive:

  • Pick up donated toys from various locations throughout the Kansas City metro
  • Separate toys by age and gender
  • Deliver toys to recipients of toy drive

December 2020 – Fantasy Flight:

  • Registration and check-in/check-out
  • Pre-event setup
  • Post-event tear down

Become a Volunteer Today

You can bring hope to those with the greatest need of it, and you can spread awareness throughout the broader community of the children who need assistance. Volunteering for an organization like Shadow Buddies can help vulnerable children who are dealing with severe illnesses and other conditions.
For more information about how you can help the Shadow Buddies Foundation in Kansas City and sick children everywhere, call us today at 913 642-4646 or contact us online.