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Welcome to The Shadow Buddies Foundation

We work to spread Miles of Smiles to children across the world!

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Since 1995, The Shadow Buddies Foundation has been bringing smiles, hope and companionship to medically challenged children across the country and around the world in the form of cuddly, plush Buddies.

Our Shadow Buddies are a representation that your child, regardless of any illness they may have, is never alone, that they can proudly proclaim they have a friend “just like me.”

Help the Shadow Buddies Foundation spread love and education to these special children and their families; you can donate your time, money and even Buddies, themselves, to make a difference in the life of a child.

Buddy of the Month

Respiratory Buddy

Hi, I’m the Respiratory Buddy! I’m a wonderful way to educate children about respiratory conditions, understanding procedures or just figuring out the common cold. As part of basic asthma and bronchial lessons, your child or loved one will learn about inhalers and the need to keep them available. I’m loaded with information to help kids gain control over their condition and become successful in their own health management. I have an outline of lungs on the chest and a 3D inhaler in my hand, and I’ll arrive with a brightly colored gown, heart shaped eyes for love and a big, friendly smile!

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Help us educate families during a trying time in their lives; consider donating to the Shadow Buddies Foundation. We appreciate all gifts, no matter how great or small!


We’re always looking for volunteers to share their time for children that are struggling with illness or disability. Are you ready to join our family?


We hold many different types of events, all year round, including our Annual Golf Classic, Pink Parties, Shoot for the Kids, Sassy Senior Day and more!


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