Our Mission

Our Mission of Charity & Hope

The Shadow Buddies Foundation is a children’s charity dedicated to providing support and knowledge to children with severe illnesses and disabilities. The foundation accomplishes this through unique programs designed to enhance the lives of children and adults by fostering compassion and awareness of differences with our line of 31 condition-specific “Shadow Buddy” dolls. Crafted from muslin and carefully researched to represent a child’s medical or emotional condition, Shadow Buddies offer seriously ill or medically challenged children the companionship of a friend “just like me.”

The mission of the Shadow Buddies Foundation is to provide emotional support for severely ill children. Our Kansas City charity programs provide this support through the education of children and adults regarding illness, disability, or medical treatments. The Shadow Buddies Foundation accomplishes this mission through unique educational and charitable programs designed to enhance the lives of children and adults while increasing compassion and understanding of diversity, and taking suggestions for new buddies. In pursuit of that mission, the foundation will continually raise funds, develop new programs, and build relationships between organizations with complementary goals. In short, our primary focus is supporting the children through charity and education.





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Help us bring awareness of various conditions to the public, and bring hope and comfort to sick or disabled children. Support our charity by calling The Shadow Buddies Foundation today at 913 642-4646, donating online or checking out our Buddies.

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