Behind the Thumbprint, Our History

A Note from Shadow Buddies Creator, Marty Postlethwait

Born premature with midline congenital birth defects, Miles has undergone dozens of surgeries and treatment procedures. My life of mothering him was filled with endless days and nights in hospital rooms, doctors’ offices and recovery waiting rooms.

When Miles was four, I met him in the recovery room after a particularly long surgery. I leaned over him, whispering his name to wake him, to let him know I was there and loved him. I asked him again and again if he was okay, but in his drugged half-sleep, I didn’t know if he could hear me.

Then a movement caught my eye — his thumb, poking up from beneath the white sheets. It was his answer to my whispers, his sign to me that he heard me and that, yes, he was okay.

Thumbs up. Everything was okay.

And so it became our sign, and now it’s the sign of the Shadow Buddies, our trademark. Every child who owns a Buddy carries a reminder of Miles’ hope and positivity that everything will be okay.

Thumbs up, from your friends at the Shadow Buddies Foundation.

- Marty Postlethwait