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About Us

About the Shadow Buddies Foundation Charity Organization in Kansas City

The Shadow Buddies Foundation is a non-profit children’s charitable organization devoted to providing support and knowledge to young children with severe illnesses and disabilities. With a mission to supply emotional support for severely ill children, the Shadow Buddies Foundation offers unique programs designed to enhance the lives of children and adults in Kansas City.

As one of Kansas City’s leading local charities, we are committed to bringing a “buddy” to every child we can who is faced with a medical condition. Our buddies help banish the shadows and show a child that they are never alone. Love, support, and friendship are there with them through every trial.

Our Charity Foundation’s History

The Shadow Buddies Story

The Shadow Buddies Foundation, one of Kansas City’s kids charities, began more than 20 years ago from the heart of a mother and the strength of a child warrior. When Miles Postlethwait was just four years old, he gave his mother a sign that she’s carried with her ever since, a sign that everything was okay. Miles’ bravery and his mother’s unwavering support in the face of overwhelming adversity were the foundation for Shadow Buddies. Marty Postlethwait formed the Shadow Buddies Foundation charity so other children who need reassurance can know that everything will be okay. Thumbs up, kids.

Read more to discover our roots and more of the history behind our iconic thumbprint.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring support and knowledge to children with illnesses and disabilities. Through our unique programs and condition-specific “Shadow Buddy” dolls, we make sure these special children have the companionship of someone just like them. Each doll is made to correspond to a specific illness or disability, and kids feel less alone having someone to go through the struggles with.

We would love for you to join with our nonprofit organization and help us fulfill our mission. Volunteers are always welcome at the Shadow Buddies Foundation and public support makes a big difference to making our mission a reality.

The Shadow Buddies Message

At the Shadow Buddies Foundation, we aim to reach as many medically challenged children as we possibly can to send them a message of hope, compassion, and friendship. No child should be without love and support during medical challenges. The best charities are the ones who aren’t afraid to take on the big stuff. We know we can help bring hope to the hopeless. We can bring light to the shadows.

The betterment of a child’s life enhances the local community as well, creating a better world for all of us in the United States. We are the type of nonprofit organization that believes there is no such thing as too much love. A child can never have too much support. Every person who helps spread the message of our public charity is helping children in ways medical care cannot—you are bringing positivity and the reassurance that everything will be okay.

child with a Shadow Buddy doll in a hospital bed

Our Board Members

Our charity’s board consists of a four person board of directors, with Ms. Marty Postlethwait acting as CEO, and eight members. There are four advisors to the board and five honorary advisors.

The Shadow Buddies Team

We are honored to have an incredible group of people backing our non-profit organization, the Shadow Buddies Foundation, helping us spread miles of smiles across the country and across the world!

Our Sponsors

Children’s charities like Shadow Buddies need the help of sponsors to bring love and light to children in need. Sponsors help us reach more kids, which means their kindness and giving spirit have a direct impact on the beautification of our world.

Without our incredible community partners and corporate sponsors, Shadow Buddies wouldn’t be able to spread our charitable organization’s message across the Kansas City region. We are so grateful to partner with people who want to make a difference for children with severe illnesses or disabilities. If you want to help children who are going through some tough times, click to learn more and find out how to become a sponsor or make a charitable contribution yourself!

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