We would like to thank everyone who participated in the Race For The Kids drive. The funds that were raised will bring miles of smiles to children across the United States. It is with a heart full of gratitude that we thank each of you for your donations. Because of your generosity, we were not only able to meet our goal, but to exceed it! We could not have accomplished this without each of you and we are forever grateful!

Thank You Pit Crew!

Donations Were Made By:

America’s Auto Auction
Crystal Ansley
Athletes First
Axis Construction
Bank Midwest
Ken Biesma
Burns Dental Care
Jim Butler
Ken Chailland
Tanner and Kelsi Coble
Danielle Coon
Tyler Cordel
Eric Cullins
Annamarie Denney
Leah Donaghue
Amy Driver
Emery Sapps and Sons
Farmers Bank of Kansas City
Andy Fent
Marie-Lucie Gibour
Tony Gonzalez
Dan Gordon
Matt Gorman
Chelsea Gray
Kevin Greenwood

Hanrahan Asphalt
Ginny Harris
Henderson Engineers
Hollister, Inc.
Maggie Hubbard
Bryan Huff
Infinity Osage
Bill Keen
Chris Kelly
Kendra Scott in Leawood
Craig Kolkin
JD Krull
Tim Lair
Michael Laument
Alex Lauerman
Joyce Layman
Doug Loughery
Mark Mandelbaum
Michael Martin
Mazzarese Jewelry
Dan McConnell
Scott McFarland
Heather Messenger
Eric and Sara Miner
Monarch Build LLC
MTS, Trucking

Michael Nardiello
Jeff Naughton
Noah’s Bandage Project
North Point
Florin Peteanu
Anne Peterson
Baily Pianalto
John Ploehn
Michael Praeter
Prime Investments
Dan Ropar
Markus Schmidt
Scott Scurlock
Cecil Searcy
Scott Spandet
Marci Shields
Shoot For The Kids
Lois Swanepoel
Scott Sweat
Teva Pharmaceutical
U12 Tigers Soccer
Jeff Wehmeyer
Curtis Wentworth
Wanda Wojnaroski