Rescue Buddy Program

The Rescue Buddy Program is based on the premise that children often see rescue workers as heroes. Like all of our Shadow Buddies, Rescue Buddies come in three skin tones, hair colors and in both genders, giving children the feeling that they have a friend “just like me” who will stay by their side during an emergency. EMT and emergency workers strongly indicate that these Rescue Buddies can help children mitigate stress during times of crisis. Rescue Buddies foster positive bonds of trust between emergency workers and children, regardless of whether or not the child served required emergency treatment or was simply a witness to an emergency. Building such a bond strengthens communities (especially communities in crisis) and helps children feel comfortable with emergency workers – in turn; this sense of trust encourages children to contact emergency professionals when they see negative events happening in their community.

This buddy comes with a special blanket to help comfort the child in need. Rescue workers are often seen in the eyes of a child as “heroes”. Our Rescue Buddy also comes with a Sharpie magic marker so that the EMT or rescue worker can autograph the buddy and stay with that child for a lifetime.

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