Rescue Buddy Program

Our goal for this new program is to provide Shadow Buddies for EMT’s and rescue workers across the nation. During an emergency they can give a buddy to a child in their time of crisis. Whether they are the one injured or the passenger…our Rescue Buddy will be a sure comfort. When the EMT’s and rescue workers are busy doing their job, our Rescue Buddy can do his job…which is to be their friend. Whether a child is the one being treated or it’s someone they care about, our Rescue Buddy is there.

This buddy comes with a special blanket to help comfort the child in need. Rescue workers are often seen in the eyes of a child as “heroes”. Our Rescue Buddy also comes with a Sharpie magic marker so that the EMT or rescue worker can autograph the buddy and stay with that child for a lifetime.

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For additional information about the Rescue Buddy Program, call us at 913 642-4646 or contact us online today.