Fantasy Flight

Many kids dream of traveling to the North Pole to meet Santa. In 2018, Shadow Buddies partnered with United Airlines to host the first Fantasy Flight since 2001. In December of 2018, 50 terminally ill and medically challenged children received their boarding passes to take part in this magical day. The children boarded a United Flight, and flew to the “North Pole” where they were welcomed by Santa and Mrs. Claus themselves! The terminal they had recently departed from was transformed into a Winter Wonderland where professional athletes, mascots, superheroes, and princesses were there to greet them! They celebrated with fun festivities, games, crafts and where given Christmas presents from Santa! Each toy that was provided for the children was donated through numerous toy drives hosted by Shadow Buddies leading up to the event. The “North Pole” and holiday magic was made possible because of our wonderful volunteers, staff, board members, and an amazing partnership with United Airlines!

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Want more information about the Fantasy Flight annual event? Call the Shadow Buddies Foundation at 913 642-4646 or contact us online.