The Courageous Crew


About The Courageous Crew

In honor of serving medically challenged children and their families for the past 25 years, the Shadow Buddies Foundation introduces our new “Courageous Crew” Buddies.  These five Buddies include a Firefighter, Paramedic/First Responder, Police Officer, Doctor/Nurse and Military/Veteran Buddy.

These dolls (Buddies) can be used to comfort both the children of these public servants who are forced to be away from their families for extended periods of time, as well as by these “Courageous Crews” as they interact with children in traumatic circumstances.  Our mission here at Shadow Buddies is to support the families of these every day Heroes who serve our community and spend time away from home.  Giving the professional “Courageous Crew” or their family members a tangible friend that is “just like me”, will help fill the loneliness of having them away for extended periods of time.

Comfort, compassion, and hope last a lifetime.


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