Shadow Buddies/Noah’s Bandage Project Accessory Pack


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About Shadow Buddies/Noah's Bandage Project Accessory Pack

Through Noah’s Fun Ideas activity pack, every Shadow Buddy ordered will receive a FREE Shadow Buddy Noah’s Bandage Project Accessory Pack valued at over $10 as your reward. Way to go! Each accessory pack will include a Shadow Buddy/Noah’s Bandage Project Buddy t-shirt, a Super Heroes cape and mask for the Buddy, a pair of shorts or skirt, a hospital ID band, hospital cap, booties and mask, discharge papers and a box of brightly colored, fun kid-themed band-aids! Imagine how fun it will be for kids to dress their new Buddy in all these cool accessories which includes a special Noah’s Bandage Project t-shirt!

You may also purchase this Accessory Pack if you haven’t participated in Noah’s Fun Ideas activity pack for $11.95.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 x 7.5 in

Give a buddy to a child in need