Identification (ID) Buddy


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About Identification (ID) Buddy

Hi, I’m the Identification Buddy! Life will always be full of uncertainties and difficulties for everyone. Kids need help in recognizing their problems, taking action and resolving them. And because some children aren’t old enough to do things on their own and need a little extra help just to get started, I’m here to fulfill that need.

Unlike the other Buddies, I don’t have a face, so healthcare workers can easily use me in roleplaying and counseling. Your kid can draw his or her own face on me and express how they see themselves.

I offer much-needed emotional support by being a friend that’s “just like me” to your child and am available for hugs at a moment’s notice!

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Dimensions 5.5 × 7.5 × 3 in
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Dark Skin w/Black Hair, Medium Skin w/Black Hair, Light Skin w/Blond Hair, Light Skin w/Brown Hair

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Male, Female

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Hospital Gown, T-Shirt and Shorts/Skirt (+$4.95)


Give a buddy to a child in need