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The Shadow Buddies Foundation provides support and knowledge to children with severe illnesses and disabilities, as well as their families and loved ones. Our charitable organization is constantly active throughout the Greater Kansas City area, and our mission involves helping communities throughout Kansas and Missouri. Read about our upcoming events, and catch the latest news regarding the Shadow Buddies Foundation and our Kansas City charity programs:

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A Cold and Snowy Start for the Pheasant Run

A Cold and Snowy Start for the Pheasant Run

It's a wrap! our first Pheasant Shoot was a cold day with the snow storm. Thank you to all of our teams and sponsors who got up early and braved the weather to help medically challenged children! Thanks to all of our shooters and CK Farms for providing...

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On December 8, 2018, we were a part of United Airlines' Fantasy Flight. Matthew Adams form United Airlines shared his take on the day. Check it out!As the aircraft made its descent, the passengers pulled their window shades shut and closed their eyes. With...

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"This is our five month old son, Patrick, and his Shadow Buddy. I had not heard of your organization until a friend of ours, whose son also received a Buddy recently, purchased one for him. Patrick has cerebral palsy and craniosynostosis and sees several different doctors and therapists. Although he's too young to understand now, I know it will help him as he gets older to have a buddy just like him!Thanks for all you do."

- Brieanne Hilton

"My oldest, Addison, received her first Shadow Buddy at Shawnee Mission Hospital last night. She broke her elbow and is now in surgery at children's mercy. We have not slept at all and it's been a rough night. My daughter was suffering serious anxiety when this ordeal started at the ER last night. I honestly believe when the nurse introduced her to her new 'buddy' it changed everything. She still had bouts of anxiety off and on and but that moment allowed her to relax and feel special. It gave her a chance to breathe. She needed it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do. I now know firsthand the power of those little buddies."

- Addison’s Dad

"Today we did surgery on Carlos, my Shadow Buddy. And we put a gown on him and put a cast on him. We cut some paper to make a skin graft and we stapled it on his leg. I like him because he's fake and I can wrestle him. "

- Nelson — 6 Years old

"My buddies name is Sheila. I was pushing her in the stroller yesterday and I took her out and put her in the bed with me and she sleeps with me. When the nurse came she got some medicine too. I gave her some food. She looks cute and pretty."

- Brittany — 4 Years old

"My Shadow Buddy's name is Molly. She is five years old. She's sick. She has a stomach ache. The doctor helps her get better. She likes being in the hospital because she gets to play with toys."

- Mary — 9 Years Old