We are honored and thrilled to share with you an opportunity that has been given to the Shadow Buddies
Foundation. It will make a monumental impact in 2020 and we need your help! We have been selected as
the Charity for the racing team – The Little Pork Chop That Could – who will be competing in One Lap of America 2020 in a 2019 Carrera GTS Porsche.

We are asking our friends, family members, corporations, and individual supporters to pledge at least
1 penny per mile ($50.00 dollars) for this amazing event as Team Pork Chop drives “Miles for Smiles”
in support of our specific Shadow Buddy® dolls. Our drivers, Scott Donaghue and Nick Wollenman, will
be driving through 12 states and numerous racetracks, covering over 4,750 miles. The event will be held
May 1 – May 9. Team Pork Chop will be posting their travels, sharing photos, videos and practice events
leading up to the Official One Lap of America 2020 race. 100% of the money you pledge will go to the
Shadow Buddies Foundation. The sky is the limit! We have medically challenged children that need our
help and support.

Thank You Pit Crew!

Donations Were Made By:

Alex Thomas
Austin Plain
Bill & Dory Patrick
Britteny Quintero
Brooke Campbell
Car Counselors
Carol Stieger
C.C. Produce
Chastity Asner
Chris & April Strickland
Christensen Family
Claude Peoples
Cody Bellah
Crystal Wellman
D’Lita Parker
Danielle Spencer
David Kaster
David Lintz
Donald Carrell
Don Ferrell
Emma Woodson
Grant Mitchell
Jean Hansen
Jenella Melo
Jim & Elaine Bowers
Kent Peters
Lucy Franco
Megan Gregory
Melissa Mumford
Mickii Sharp
Mike Mona
Paniz & Adam Newman
Patty Everts
Reyes Family
Rein Berney
Riley Moore
Robyn Tunley
ShaQualyn Earle
Shelby Ross
Taylor Dixon
Taylor Froelich
Tyler Molz
Triumph Foods L.L.C