Do you know a little girl who deserves to be loved and pampered? We know that all little girls deserve to feel like a princess. That’s why were started our Pink Party program back in 2010! 

Spreading Miles of Smiles by Going Pink!

The Pink Party began at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Scottish Rite as a way to pamper girls who are in the hospital or outpatient facilities receiving treatment. Our goal for every Pink Party is for each girl to feel special, unique, and cherished, even though they’re in the hospital. Since 2010, we’ve held a Pink Party in Phoenix, Ft. Worth, Atlanta, Oklahoma City, and Kansas City!

This program is hosted by the wives of professional athletes in the host city. Each day includes a makeover with hair, makeup, and mani/pedis! Every girl is given her own “Pink Party” Buddy as well as a healthy lunch and a goodie bag. And of course, we remember the women who make these girls’ lives so special! Every mom, grandmother, sister, aunt, or caregiver is pampered, too.

Check out our gallery below of some of our latest Pink Parties! If you’re interested in becoming a Volunteer or want to bring a Pink Party to your hospital, call (913) 642-4646 or contact Shadow Buddies today!