Meet our Buddies of the Month for December, and as always if you don’t see a Buddy who meets your child’s needs please let us know. We are always open to suggestions!

Meet Guardian Angel Buddy

Hi, I’m the Guardian Angel Buddy! I serve as a symbol of protection and comfort and represent the compassion needed for those dealing with medical problems because I understand that you and your family face many emotional, financial and professional concerns.

I’m also here to protect and assist siblings of challenged children. They have many battles of their own to face, like being overprotective, fearing what they don’t understand and even jealousy of extra attention.

In contrast to other Shadow Buddies, I’m designed to be more than a friend “just like me.” Proceeds help fund the Shadow Buddies Foundation and I come with angel wings and no medical condition represented. I’m dressed in a brightly colored gown with heart-shaped eyes and a big smile!

Guardian Angel Buddy

Meet Preemie Buddy

Hi, I’m the Preemie Buddy! I’m made of soft sheepskin material and dressed in a pink or blue layette so that I’m ready to provide companionship, comfort and be a tool for the NICU staff for your newest addition to the family. I’m approximately 7″ tall and weigh 14oz.; I’ll be there to bond with your baby soon after the birth of your preemie.

I can go straight with the baby to the NICU and placed in the incubator, and Mom and/or Dad can wear the layette next to their skin for a day or two so that their smell can be absorbed in the layette material.

Preemie Buddy


Your child’s buddy can be customized to meet your needs! We offer three skin tone and hair color options with outfit customizations to boot!

For a full list of our buddies please visit the link below, and if you don’t see a buddy that matches your kiddos needs let us know.

Meet the Buddies


Help us bring awareness of various conditions to the public, and bring hope and comfort to sick or disabled children. Support our charity by calling The Shadow Buddies Foundation today at 913 642-4646, donating online or checking out our Buddies.