25th Anniversary Gala – The Time of Our Life

The Time Of Our Life Virtual Fundraising Auction


The 2020 Shadow Buddies Virtual Fundraising Auction is NOW LIVE.

VISIT THE AUCTION WEBSITE to bid on over 40 amazing gift baskets, trips and memorabilia. Bidding ends September 22.


  1. On your mobile phone, enter the Event Link above into your browser or click on the link above.
  2. You can now browse the auction items
  3. You will need to Log In and register a credit card to bid on items
  4. Select “Log In” near the top left or select the “Please Log In to Bid” button if viewing an auction item
  5. If you registered previously and have forgotten your password, select “Forgot Password” near the bottom left when logging into the site.
  6. If Registering for the first time
  7. Add First and Last Name
  8. Add Email Address
  9. Enter your mobile phone number that you plan to bring to the event
  10. Select your preferred Notification Method (default is Email and Text)
  11. Enter a password of your choosing
  12. Click “Create CAS Account”
  13. Once you receive confirmation that your registration was successful, click on “CART” from the top menu.
  14. Click “Add Credit Card”
  15. Enter your email address, card number, and expiration date and security code.
  16. Click “Authorize”.